Welcome to 323f.info !


  • 323f.info is a repository for Mazda 323f related publications.
  • Some of the articles and brochures are ones I purchased on Ebay and scanned, but mostly its stuff  l found scattered around the internet, especially in this great hungarian site and in the UK forum.
  • Apart from all that, there’s a nice gallery of unofficial pictures and an exquisite list of links to all 323f  forum clubs (did I miss anyone?) and other interesting resources.
  • For any feedback/question email me 323f.info AT gmail.com or just use the contact form.
  • Enjoy! Guy

1 .If you have articles/brochures/movies or anything else I missed out, or would like to help translating all the non-English stuff please contact me.

2. This site is called “323f.info” but actually all the data is currently around the 323f BA model (manufactured between 1994-1998). If you’re a BG (1989 – 1994) or a BJ (1998-2003) enthusiast and want to add your collection to this site go ahead, send me a note, and let’s join forces !